In this industry, it's become the norm to change jobs every few years. Gone are the days where you worked for one company your whole career.

I've been a software engineer at Dell for just over five years. In that time, I've worked on some interesting projects and learned from some very smart people. My favorite project from my time at Dell was a cross-platform mobile application made using Sencha Touch. I've always been interested in mobile devices (I was carrying a PDA back in the day!), and this project got me more interested in the mobile space.

Recently, a job opportunity came along to work in the mobile space, at ROAM Data. ROAM is a very cool company that works on mobile point-of-sale technology. I'll be working on the back end, not the mobile applications themselves, but I've always wanted to be a part of the ever-growing mobile industry.

I will miss my colleagues at Dell and enjoyed my time there. In a couple of weeks, though, it will be time to start my next adventure.