• Create a basic lexer with JavaScript

    A lexer takes an input string and produces a list of tokens. This is the first step in parsing text. For a project, I recently had to write a lexer for JSON to do syntax highlighting, and I thought I’d share my approach.

  • It's OK to still use var

    With ES2015, we get the let keyword. This adds block scoping to JavaScript. It’s a welcome addition to the language, but you don’t always need to use it. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to stick with our old friend var.

  • Thoughts on Vim

    For most of my development career, I have used heavyweight IDEs. A coworker convinced me to give Vim a shot about six months ago. In that time, it’s become my primary editor. Like any tool, there are pros and cons.

  • How to set up Karma and Jasmine with webpack

    I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, and I thought this was a good topic to cover.

  • How to use ES2015 today with Babel and Gulp

    Check out my latest blog post on the Constant Contact Tech Blog where I discuss how to utilize Babel to start writing ES2015 code today.

  • Counting words with Java 8

    Sadly, in my day job, I am not yet able to use the awesomeness that is Java 8. However, from time to time, I like to kill a little time solving programming challenges, and I try to use Java 8 for those.

    Today's challenge came from /r/dailyprogrammer on Reddit. It was a pretty straightforward challenge - given a text file, count the number of occurrences for each word. This turns out to be very easy to do with streams!

  • At least spell your job title correctly

    I've seen several articles floating around lately about resume/interview tips. Most of it is really good advice.

  • Functional FizzBuzz with Java 8 streams

    As of today, the first release of Java 8 is ready for public use. The most notable new feature is lambda expressions, which finally lets us write functional programs in Java. To illustrate this, let's look at the classic FizzBuzz problem.

  • Time for a new adventure

    In this industry, it's become the norm to change jobs every few years. Gone are the days where you worked for one company your whole career.

  • On technical intimidation

    The software industry can be extremely intimidating. New technologies, libraries, and tools pop up seemingly every day and we're supposed to keep up with it all. Unless you're one of those rockstar developers, I'm sure you've gone through times where you felt like you were far behind the curve. And it can be downright scary.

  • Word chains and graphs

    Recently, I've been working through Dave Thomas's Code Kata problems in an effort to sharpen my programming skills. The early ones were fairly easy, and I got through them pretty quickly. That changed once I got to Kata 19, Word Chains.

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